Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Beauty Mythbuster: Does Baby Powder REALLY Make Eyelashes Look Longer?

Using Baby Powder With Mascara On eye lashes Will make Eyelashes look longer.See the Steps..
Step 1: Coat Lashes With Mascara: Firstly 
apply only mascara without using baby powder. In One time You Can see the effect on eye lashes.
Step 2: Coat Lashes With Mascara: After Applying one coat mascara Now  baby poweder can use on eyelashes.take some baby powder on you palm as well as brush and roll down that brush.
Step 3: Apply Powder To Lashes: Now In 3 step you can apply powder on you eyelashes. Apply powder carefully, only on your eyeslashes .a little boit powder can fall on your cheeks.
Step 4: Apply a Second Coat Of Mascara: Applying Second Coat of Mascara over Baby Powder eyelashes.This might be work definately
It Works long  time and make i really look longer.


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