Hair Curling Tips

Wearing straight hairs every day can be a little boring that is when you can try out various curly hair styles. Be it wavy curls, soft curls, textured curls or spiral curl you can make them using curling iron. If you are not comfortable doing your  own curls then book beauty service at home or try these following tips to make curls at home:-
Your haircut Matters: - The health of your hairs plays an important role to make curls. The healthier your hairs are, the easier it will be to curl your hairs. Therefore, to get perfect curls, get a hair trim to get rid of damaged split ends. Also, make sure that your hairs don’t have blunt edges otherwise they won’t hold a curl.

Less Shampoo and Conditioner: - How many of you know that unwashed hairs hold a style better than washed hairs? Same goes for curls when you are a planning to curl your hairs, cut back on conditioner and shampoo. Instead of using a gulp of shampoo and conditioner use a small amount.

Add Texture: -When we want to add texture to hairs, we use dry shampoo but do you know that they can be a little drying? Therefore after washing your hairs use a heat protectant and add some hair voluminizing
mousse or pre-curling mousse instead of dry shampoo. This will not only prevent your hairs from heat but will also hold your curls for a long time.

Use The Right Curling Iron: - The right curling iron can do wonders to your curls. Always choose a ceramic iron as they are capable of spreading heat evenly and prevent hair damage. It’s just a myth that hotter heat setting holds long lasting curls. Choose the hair setting as per your hair health. If you have fine hairs or bleached hairs prefer low heat setting.

Use The Right Technique: - Before curling your hairs, you can view various YouTube video tutorials about the right technique to curl your hairs or do some research on the web for tips and tricks to learn how to make long lasting curls.

Start From The Top: – Most of the women start curling their hair from the bottom, but that is not the right way to do curls. Hairstylist recommends starting the hair curling at the top and curling down as it is a much easier way to do curls.

Don’t Skip Hairspray: - After curling your hairs, lock them with a hair spray. This will help to remove any frizz in the curls. You can also keep the Hairspray bottle with you to set up your hairs at any point of the day.


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