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7 years ago
Air Pollution Can Cause Cancer

The WHO officials stated that outdoor pollution is capable of causing cancer in human beings. According to The international agency of research on cancer (IARC) stated that air pollution from traffic and industrial fumes are the definite cause of lung cancer and bladder cancer.


The officials of IARC said: the air we breathe has become polluted with a mixture of cancer –causing substances. They also added that “the outdoor air pollution is not only a major risk to heath in general but also a major cause of cancer deaths.
Air pollution increases the risk if other heart and respiratory disease as well. Since the time the countries have started industrializing, the number of people exposed to air pollution has increased to a greater extent.

IARC has announced warning about individual chemicals in the air on the basis of their study. The metals, solvents, engine exhaust and dust are carcinogenic. The study also revealed that the risk of developing lung cancer is increased to the greater extent in people exposed to air pollution.

According to IARC, the main factors of air pollution are emission from industry and agricultural sector power stations, traffic and cooking fumes from the home. The level of air pollution is different in all countries but we all should do something to combat it. The are many ways in which the air pollution can be reduced and therefore international communities should take necessary measures without any further delay.

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