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6 years ago
Ingredients for Hair care You Need to Know

Our hairs play a major role in our overall appearance. To get the best out of our hairs we get a hair cut ,color our hairs but forget to provide the basic ingredients it needs to look healthy and shiny. Following are some of the listed ingredients to look for in a shampoo to improve your hair health.

Folic Acid: - Folic acid comes from the family of vitamins B. It can be found in vegetables like spinach, oranges, eggs and all types of berries etc.These vitamins are good for hair growth. The consumption of folic acid helps in cells regeneration which is the basic thing required for hair growth.

Biotin: - Our hairs are made up of a protein called keratin. These proteins are made up of amino acids which are made up of reaction between cell enzyme and biotin. So when you take the required amount of biotin it stimulates the hair growth process. You can also use biotin rich shampoo and conditioner.

Zinc: - To have lustrous and healthy hair zinc is a vital ingredient. When there is a shortage of zinc it affects the proteins level of your hairs. One of the best benefits of zinc is it balances the hormones. So if you are losing hairs, lack of zinc could be one of the reasons. You can buy shampoo with zinc rich properties.

Niacin: - Niacin or vitamin B3 is the utmost important ingredient for hair growth. It promotes blood circulation and also converts carbs into energy. So when there is more blood circulation your hair gets necessary ingredients.

Keratin: - Last but not the least certain are a type of proteins of which are hairs a made up of. It fights against hair damage and makes our hair stronger. When our hair is exposed sun and pollution it breaks down the keratin level in the hairs. So while buying hair care products don’t forget to check out this ingredient.

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