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7 years ago
A Guide To Choose Perfect Nude Lipsticks

Choosing the perfect nude lipsticks is a tough and confusing task, because if you choose too dark then you end up with a brown lip shade and in the case of too light can make you look pale.So here we bring a small guide on how to choose the perfect nude lipsticks for you.

Skintone: - Look at the skin around your jawline in natural sunlight that is your actual skin color. The skin colors can be broadly classified into four categories light, medium, tan, deep.The light skin color is pale, this skin color gets tan easily. Medium skin color also gets tan easily but unlike light skin color, it doesn’t burn. Next is tan skin color which is also known as olive tone. This skin color has a natural tan color. Last is the deep dark skin color which never gets tanned.

Undertone: - There are three types of undertone cool, warm and neutral. So for knowing your undertone check your veins if it has blue or purple veins, you have a cool undertone. Green veins mean warm undertone and if you both color vein then you have a neutral undertone. Tan skin has usually neutral tones. The tips here are to find a tone which is 2 shades darker than your natural lips. Now apply one shade tone of lips and compare it with your natural lip color. If you find it dark then choose a lighter shade.

Glossy Or Matte: - If you want to make your lips look thinner then choose a matte finish lipsticks whereas for a fuller look choose a glossy finish.Also if you hate dry lips then stay away from matte lipsticks.

The Color: - Choose the color which best compliments your skin tone For example.
  • For light skin and cool undertone should choose coral and beiges whereas for light skin and warm undertone try pale pink and peaches.
  • For medium skin cool undertone rose, berry and mauve suits best and for medium skin, warm undertone bronze, copper, pink shades works best.
  • For Tan Skin With Cool Undertone Brown and purple look best and for tan skin with warm undertone coral and deep pink works best.
  • For dark skin with cool undertone shades of browns like walnut, plum and wine look best whereas a woman with dark skin tone with warm tone can choose deep red and brown.
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