How To Get Fair Hands

The Sun Exposure, harsh cleansers, and hand wash can result in dry, dehydrated and wrinkled hands. Also, not only our face but our hands also can make us look older than our age. So Here are some of the easy tips to make your hands look fairer and younger like never before.


Use a Gentle Cleanser and hand wash: - Cleanser and hand wash with alcohol can dry out your hands whereas the fragrance can darken your hands. So make sure to use some gentle or natural cleaner and avoid harsh cleansers with harsh ingredients.

Moisturize: - Dry hands can make your hands look older and dull therefore keep them moisturized. When you wash your hands, the hair gets dry so it is advisable to apply moisturizer right after you washing your hands. The moisturizer will help in keeping the moisture intact and will give you fair hands. While choosing moisturizer it is advisable to go for a lotion that doesn't have irritants and preservatives.

Sunscreen: - The skin on hands is prone to photodamage and tanning as it is quite thin. Therefore it is advisable to apply sunscreen on hands too. If you drive, a pair gloves will help you. Make sure to reapply sunscreen you wash our hands more often than face.

Exfoliate: - To have a fair skin it is important to get rid of dead skin, therefore, use a body scrub and exfoliate your hands. You can make a DIY scrub with lemon and salt. The Lemon will act as bleach and will be helpful in removing all the tan

Use A Fairness Pack: - Just like you pamper your face with a weekly face mask, you can apply the face pack on your hands too. Just make sure to use fairness pack to get fair hands.

Wax Your Hands: - Waxing is the process of hair removal which also removes the upper dead skin.Therefore it is a great way to get a fair hand. It also improves the skin tone and gives soft hands.

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