How To Get Rid Of Tired Eyes

Lack of sleep, excessive looking at cell phones and laptops can cause tires looking eyes.Tired looking eyes can make you look sad and depressed. so here we bring some of the home remedies to brighten up your tired looking eyes:-

Cucumber: - Cucumber has hydrating properties, it also helps to absorb out toxins which cause dull looking eyes. Put a cold cucumber slice onto your eyes for 15 minutes and see the magic.

Refrigerated spoons: - Cold and refrigerated spoons are also helpful in reducing puffiness and dark circles instantly.

Ice Cubes: - Take few ice cubes and place them in a handkerchief. Now put this handkerchief on your eyes for few minutes. This is also helpful in treating tired eyes.

Apply Kohl: - We all love eye liner but kohl eyes has special place in our hearts. Just apply a stroke a kohl when your feel your eyes are tired and it will brighten up your eyes in no time.

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