Neha Thakur
7 years ago
5 Side Effects Of Garlic You Should Be Aware Of

Garlic Side Effects:
1. Bad Breath and Body Odour:
Everyone is familiar with the term garlic breath which is used to describe bad breath caused by eating raw or too much garlic however along with the menace of bad breathyou could eat small quantities or stay away from them altogether if you are around people all the time. This is the worst side effect of garlic that one can face in daily life situations.
2. Garlic Allergies and Health Hazards: Many people suffer from allergies to garlic and are also extremely sensitive to other plants in Allium genus. The common symptoms of garlic allergies are irritable bowel, diarrhea, mouth and throat ulcers, breathing difficulties, nausea and even in a few rare cases, anaphylaxis which is an extreme form of allergy that can even result in death.
3. Garlic Supplements Unsafe For Pregnant Women: Garlic supplements sell well because of their healing properties however garlic reduces platelet aggregation just like aspirin which is why very high quantities of garlic or garlic supplements are considered detrimental to pregnant women.
4. Skin Burns Due To Garlic Content in Topical Medications: There have been serious reports of skin burn due to application of garlic on the skin through topical ointments. Garlic is often applied topically for different purposes including naturopathy and acne treatments however this has caused painful skin burns in some cases.
5. Garlic Interacts With Antibiotics and Other Drugs: Garlic may interact with warfarin, antiplatelets, saquinavir, antihypertensive, calcium channel blockers and quinolone family of antibiotics so it’s best to consult a doctor about your garlic intake.

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