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7 years ago
Beauty Care Tips You Need To Stop Following

 There are many beauty tips but knowing which one to follow or not is crucial to minimize any possible damage. Here we bring some of the most famous beauty tips which you need to stop following.

Rinse And Repeat While Shampoo: - The directions on all shampoo bottles are lather, rinse and repeat which is very much wrong. We should only apply shampoo once, as excess shampoo can strip off natural oils from the hairs. If you rinse and repeat then your hairs will end up looking like dry straw.

No Mascara on The Bottom Lashes: - We all use mascara on the upper lashes but not on the lower lash. You might not know but there are mascaras designed specifically for lower lashes. Applying a layer of mascara n the bottom lash can make your eyes look even bigger.

The Squeaky Clean: - After a tiring a day it becomes a necessity to clean all the makeup and dirt. But if your face wash is giving you squeaky clean feel then it’s time to ditch that face wash. Such face wash can strip off natural oil from the face. Therefore it is advised to use a gentle face wash which gives a clean and soft skin.

No Moisturizer for Oily Skin: - This is by far the biggest myths of all time that moisturizer should not be applied on oily skin. But the fact is that it will only make your face dehydrated which will produce even more oils on the face.

Heating Eyelashes curler with a hair dryer: - This tip might come handy but if you put a little bit thought on
it you will realize that you are causing risk of damaging your eyelids and lashes.
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