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What’s the Right age to become a mother?

According to the royal college of obstetrics and gynecology, the right age to become a mother is between 20 and 35.During these years it's easy to conceive and these are fewer chances of high blood pressure, miscarriage or even c-section. Also there you will be more energetic throughout your pregnancy and motherhood.

As per the research of  Aarhus university in Denmark, the right age to bring up a child is somewhere in mid 30’s.In a study in of 4741 Danish mothers, an older woman raised children with fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties at ages seven and 11.

As per studies, mother of older age have the greater emotional maturity, they are more adjustable and more forgiving. All these factors signal towards a dependable or authoritative parenting style, which counterbalances reasoning with setting limits for behavior. The Danish study found there are fewer chances of that mother of older age will punish their children verbally or physically. They are more patient and don’t try to overly discipline their child.


In Addition to this, one of the researchers from Max Planck institute found that children who were born and brought up by the older woman were better in cognitive ability test than those born to younger mothers.

However, while problems during childbirth are few, they, along with fertility problems, are more common among women of older age. The causal link here is stronger. Being an older mom isn’t easy – but once you have had the baby without any major problem, it’s not worse than being a younger mom. In a nutshell is that it can be easier to be more patient with your children in your late 30s than your late 20s.


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