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Why Logan might become the first superhero movie to get Best Picture award at Oscar

Logan the final movie of the X-men series has collected 2.15 crore on it first Tuesday taking the total to around 19.90 crores as per boxofficeindia.com. The films have shown the end of jackman portrayal of the claws superhero, a wolverine, Hugh jackman has been playing this role since previous seventeen years a slogan is the ninth film in the X-men series. It is being said that this is the superhero movie which is worth getting Oscars. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why logan is the most agonizing and tragic super hero movie.

Different From Other Super Hero Movies
The motion pictures maintain a necessary distance from all the recent famous super hero movies like deadpool. The movie has neither face-less army nor robots. No stacking up the cast with each character getting 2 minutes of screen time, the kind of juggling act that drove previous avenger’s executive joss whedon crazy. This film is made for genuine fans, those who have followed the series even the ones baffles by crimes that were X-men: The last stand.

Logan and Charles Xavier’s relationship
Logan and Charles Xavier’s relationship

The student guide relationship is the trademark of the superhero motion picture and Xavier and Wolverine have a fairly perplexing one. For one thing, Logan is sixty years more established than Charles however Xavier has spent his life trying to help Wolverine locate a higher cause. Subsequent to helping youthful mutants for the duration of his life, Xavier is practically crippled, enduring a degenerative cerebrum sickness that makes him a risk to every one of people around him. Logan is attempting to bring home the bacon as an escort and tend to Xavier alongside Caliban and its Logan as the guardian that truly shows how far Wolverine has come. A man who had nobody now needs to nurture Charles even as they contemplate over all the harm they’ve done. Even till the end, Xavier keeps on motivating Logan to be a superior man and deal with Laura. It’s a heart-warming relationship, and just Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s performer super-aptitudes allow us to begin feeling so immensely for both these characters.

The little girl Logan never had
The little girl Logan never had

Through his two century presence, wolverine has disdained any sort of connections and duties. But at every point he loves or appreciate somebody they tend to meet a horrific end. By 2029, he has managed to shun significant occurrence, to take Xavier to a protected place. That is the point when he has frequent encounters with Laura, a close flawless clone who is his little girl. Despite the fact that Logan seems as though he’d preferably do whatever else than caring for her, he is constrained to when he finds about Laura’s adolescence – which was considerably more awful than his own. While Logan knew love as a child, and even had a relative in Sabretooth, the main ones who thought about Laura were youngsters who were developed in a lab. Their obedient relationship shapes the reason for Wolverine’s recovery as he battles with his strength for the nearest thing he should a little girl.

R-Valued Masccare
The success of the movie “deadpool, established that the world was prepared for a R-evaluated motion picture, past the lighten that we find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the main ones being harmed are occupants of a merciless face-less armed force of outsiders or robots, and the on-screen savagery indicates exactly how messy things can get. In the previous X-men films, when Wolverine’s hooks spiked somebody, there was rarely any blood yet this time there’s a blood-fest which comes to nearly Tarantino movie levels. There’s additionally an extremely express Western feel to the motion picture, and the praise is clear as Xavier discloses Shane’s plot to Laura. 

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