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7 years ago
Top Reason’s to Date a Bengali Girl

Bengali girls are the most beautiful in India. They not only have perfect facial features but they also are independent, caring and traditional. Read on to find out some of the perks to date a Bengali girl.

Big Beautiful Eyes: - Aren’t beautiful eyes attractive and Bengali woman’s are blessed with most beautiful big round eyes. So get ready to fall for them. You won’t be able to take your eyes off from those big eyes. Those eyes speak much about her.

Big Time Foodie: - Just like you, she is a big time, foodies. She will never say “I am on diet” because eating is a part of their culture. This is definitely a big relief for guys because most of the women are crazy about going on diet and maintain a figure.

Makes Delicious dishes: - She not only loves eating but also loves to cook. She will make sure to make all the delicious delicacies from her Bengal like the various dishes from fish and desserts.

Looks good In Sari: - Sari is the beloved outfit of all Indian women’s but for Bengali’ it’s their best outfit. They wear a sari on all auspicious occasions and their culture holds the sari as their women’s dress and yes they do look drop dead gorgeous in a sari.

The Bengali Wedding: - In India wedding is a huge deal but for Bengali's, wedding is the grandest affair. They are quite huge. Loads of people and loads of traditional ceremony which you will remember forever.


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