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Top Tips For A Stress-Free Morning Routine

Morning is full of chaos, everybody alas to leave the house .before that a parent has to make sure that everything is in order from making breakfast to sending off kids to the school bus. But by following the below-mentioned tips you can make your morning peaceful
Bedtime Routine: - To have a chaos free morning, it is important to sleep on time. Because when you and your child sleep on the time it results in a good night sleep. You will not be exhausted on waking up in the morning. So make sure to go to bed on a set time this will also help in your child getting enough sleep.

Keep Things Ready A Night Before: -All the things which can be prepared a night before should be done for example schoolbags packing, ironed clothes, polished shoes. The main idea here should be to lessen the chores of the morning.
 Priorities the Chores: - In the morning only the important things need to be done like brushing, bathing, and breakfast.Don't try out some exhaustive recipe in the morning keep it simple. Know what all things to be done at first and do them.

Everything in Order: - Keeping everything in place and order will create less chaos. Therefore keep the bags, clothes and lunchboxes and shoes at the desired place. For kids, you can even keep them in a basket where they can easily find the required things.
Waking up first: - If you have all the responsibility then you have to wake up before everyone else. You might not realize but it is of great importance. Drink a cup of tea and get started.

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