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Top Qualities Woman Look In Men

Every woman has a different checklist when it comes to choosing her partner. But at the end of the day following are the most important and common qualities that all woman look for in any men. Read on to find out.

A sense of Humor: - A guy who can make a woman laugh is definitely attractive. If you can make her forget her woes and keep her happy then you are good to go. You can blame it on the female hormones but woman quickly gets sad and gloomy. So a good laugh is all she wants. Just crack natural jokes but not Juvenile prank and humor. If you have this quality you will surely win her heart.

The Ability To Protect: - Women are capable enough to protect themselves on their own but honestly they want to be protected. If she feels safe with you then you are the guy she wants. If it's late at night, make sure to drop her off at home. If some other guy is staring at her, put your arms around her and tell her that she is safe. Whenever possible take stands for her.

Hygiene and Manners: - Messy hairs, rockstar look might look cool to the teenage girl but it is definitely a turn off for a woman. Women prefer men who take the time to groom themselves and are well- clean. The shabby and sloppy look is a big no. So make sure to dress properly and use a perfume or cologne to smell good. Mind your language, never bad mouth about your ex in front of her and avoid rude behavior in front of her.

Sincerity And Loyalty: - The building block of any relationship is sincerity and loyalty. If you are hitting on another woman while dating her, you are committing a big mistake. Once you enter into a relationship with your woman, give her your full commitment.

Confidence: - Women look for a confident man. If you are confident about yourself she will feel secure. You need to show confidence in how you treat her and how you carry yourself in public and in private. Hold yourself even when you feel the exact opposite. A confident man is able to handle any situation with ease and assurance and won’t be afraid to accept his mistake even if he commits a big one

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