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7 years ago
Things To Never Put On Your Face

The Internet Is Filled with DIY recipes and people use these recopies as the ingredients are easily available in our household and low in the pocket. But these ingredients are doing more harm than good. Read on to find out what ingredients to avoid.

Lemon :If you follow beauty gurus over social media you will know how much they use lemon As a DIY Ingredients for beauty care. But as per science lemon juice is highly acidic in nature which can disrupt the ph balance of our skin. It can cause dryness, sensitivity, and photosensitivity which can cause serious damage to the skin.

Sugar and Salt:- Most of the people use sugar and salt as an exfoliating incident but do you know that those big granules can cause havoc to your skin. You might not realize but they are too harsh for your skin. It also makes your skin sensitive and thin. Instead of using sugar and salt use chemical exfoliate like AHA and BHA they are better than the physical ones.

Hair Spray: - Using hairspray on the face itself sounds weird. In case you have done it or planning to does it just avoid it. Hairsprays should only b used for hairs. To keep your hairs intact a lot of chemicals are used in hair spray.Just imagine how many chemicals you are putting on your face while using a hair spray.

Toothpaste: - Have you heard of the toothpaste remedy for acne?  Most probably yes! As per beauty gurus, you can dry out your pimple by putting toothpaste on the zit. It might work but you should not forget that it loaded with ingredients like fragrances, alcohol, and peppermint which can cause a chemical burn.

Hot Water: - Hot water extracts all the moisture from the skin leaving the skin dry and dehydrated. This can cause eczema, psoriasis or keratosis pilaris.It will also lead to overproduction of sebum, therefore, more acne and breakouts.

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