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Once we get settled in our marriage we stop doing that little thing that actually matters for the survival of a marriage. The more time two people spend together the more they get comfortable. But you should always be cautious about behaviors which can ruin your marriage. Read on to find out the most common bad habit that can cause serious damage to your marriage.

Criticism: - Constructive criticism is good but if you are constantly criticizing your partner without any reason then it is can sour a marriage. None of us want to be criticized and when the criticism comes from your spouse it just tears your heart.

Selfishness: - Pride is the most dangerous thing in a marriage. If you are constantly giving importance to your own needs then you are taking the joy out of marriage. If your spouse has the feeling of selfishness then they will always expect to be loved and served. In case you don’t fulfill their expectation then their pride will get hurt and they will start neglecting you.

Taking Your Spouse For Granted: As soon as we get comfortable in our lives, we start taking people around us for granted. But what if your partner gets hurt in an accident and didn’t come home one day? After all, there is no certainty in life. So make every day count with your spouse .cherish the good moments and make good memories.

Anger: - Not only marriage but anger can ruin any relationship. Anger can cause both physical and emotional damage. When you are angry it always leads to destruction. Therefore if you get angry at times to count to 10 to calm down yourself and listen to your spouse properly. Don’t jump to conclusions and let your spouse speak.

Lack of Affection: - Showing affection for each other from time to time is important. We want to feel cherished and loved. Simple things like holding hands, wrapping arms around each other and warm hug make us feel loved. When men and women stop doing this, this affects the marriage.

Stress: - Life can be hectic and many couples by mistake let the stress harm their relationship. If you are constantly getting angry at your partner due to the stress of your personal life or workplace issues you are surely fracturing the shared togetherness. If you have some stress, communicate with your partner they might come up with a solution for your problem.

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