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7 years ago
The Disadvantages Of Sleeping With Wet Hairs

If you have a habit of washing hairs at night and sleeping with wet hairs then ladies its time you change this habit. Here are some of the possible side effects of sleeping with wet hairs.
Lowers Body Temperature: -As per medical studies, 7 to 10 percent of body temperature is determined by our head. Therefore our head is sensitive to body temperature. So if you sleep with wet hairs your body temperature is going to go down and you will not be able to sleep properly. Therefore maintain a body temperature environment.
Not good in every situation except for fevers: -When you have a fever, wet hairs is a good idea to bring down the body temperature. But on other days it is not a good idea to sleep with wet hair. Keep your head at the same temperature that you want your body to be at.
Dandruff: -Dandruff is the most annoying hair problem and when you sleep with wet hairs the problem is aggravated. This happens because sleeping with wet hairs means hair dries unevenly. So there are wet and dry patches. This makes your scalp prone to sensitivity and irritated. You will notice more dry flakes and dandruff in your hair.
Fungus: -If you sleep in an unhealthy environment, water in your hairs will attract the dirt from the surrounding. It is important to sleep on the clean bed sheet and pillow covers to avoid entrance of dirt and bacteria in your hairs while sleeping.
Bad hair Day: -If you have slept last night with wet hairs then get ready to get a bad hair day the next morning. Sleeping on wet hairs can make your hairs frizzy and dry. You may end up with weird curls which will be quite hard to tame.

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