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I have seen many people who are very beautiful looking but their pictures do not come as impressive as they are. Here are few tricks which might prove really useful for you to try –

# Take care of your makeup. Make sure that your makeup is blended perfectly on your skin otherwise it looks patchy. Match your face foundation to your chest and always apply foundation to neck as it most people 
neck skin colour is paler as compared to face and it reflects clearly in pictures.

# Take your perfect picture and analyse it properly to check out the spot pattern like a certain angle, specific way to smile and then next time for photo shoot replicate the same poses. In short, focus on your unique features.

# Fill your eyebrows perfectly as features tend to look less clear in pictures. For picture perfect, you should use little dark eyebrow pencil so that you should look awake.

# Whilst looking into camera be energetic and attentive. Flaunt your full open teeth smile instead of close lips smile. Smile shows on whole face so make sure to smile fully in front of camera as it will definitely make your picture perfect.

# Make hair style which suits to your face cut.

# Lastly, do not look straight into camera because camera uses flattened and compressed images and straight looking will show the fullness of face. So turn your face slightly to the side and thus creating natural highlights as well as this posture make your face look slim.

 Try these tricks next time you pose for picture!

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