5 Simple Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

5 Simple Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

For women who have sensitive eyes, applying makeup might be a difficult task. After applying makeup sometimes eyes feel irritation, it's a common problem but you can't ignore it. Eye makeup should be applied properly otherwise it creates problems such as redness, itching, and irritation.

Here are few tips for women with sensitive eyes  -   

1. Clean Brushes: First important thing you should always keep in your mind is to clean your brush before usage every time. Dirt is bad for eyes and it is the big cause of irritation. Wash your brush with the shampoo or soap and you can use also baby oil for cleaning and use it after dry.

2. Creamy Shadows: Girls with sensitive eyes always find difficult to apply powder eye makeup, for them using creamy eye shadow is the best option and they should stay away from the glitter and shimmer eye shadows.

3. Avoid Lining Your Inner Eye: Many makeup artists suggest us for using kohl pencil for lining your inner eye. Kohl pencil have a smooth texture, it can never infect your eyes. Girls with sensitive eyes should always use pencil or liner outside the lash line.

4. Choose The Best Products: Today in market branded products are available for sensitive eyes. Use only good brands in your daily makeup for eyes.

5. Replace Your Products Often: You should not apply any product without checking their expiry date, that product which is not in use, throw away. You should replace your product within 3 months minimum; it's really the best idea for your sensitive eyes.


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