Summer hair care tips for dry hairs

Summers are cheerful but it also brings lots of dryness and dehydration for dry hairs. Listed below are few tips to follow to keep your hairs healthy till monsoon starts.
  Trim and nourish them: - Summer can be very harsh for dry hairs. To keep your tresses healthy make sure to trim the split ends from time to time. This will not only make you feel lighter on the head but will also prevent any hair damage. Also, summer can dry out the moisture from your hairs so you need to provide constant hydration to your hair. Eat more of omega 3 fatty acid and biotin rich diet like eggs and milk, seafood. Drink smoothies and water.

Avoid Heating Tools: - It is not possible to stop styling hairs all of a sudden but you can limit the use of styling products. When dry hairs get unnecessary heat it can get scorched. Instead of heating tool style your hairs with hairspray and mousse to give it all the shine and lustre.

Choose The Right Product: - For Dry hair, it is required to choose the hair products that take care of the dryness part and conditions the hair. This will protect the hairs from daily damage.

Nourish: - The best way to moisturize your hairs is deep conditioning hair mask once in a week. For hair mask, all you need is 2 tablespoon of honey, milk and coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients and apply it to all over your hairs. Wash hair after 40 minutes with warm water. 

Protect: - Just like you protect your skin by applying SPF. It is important that you protect your hairs too, for hairs, you can use umbrella, hat or just tie a scarf around your hairs to shade your hairs from direct sunlight. You can also use leave in conditioner as it makes layers on your hairs and protect your tresses.

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