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7 years ago
Signs That Your Husband Does Not Like You

Sometimes you don’t realize and your marriage is already falling out. Reason being you didn’t try to see the signs that your partner is walking out of your life. So here are we bring the top signs you should definitely keep in mind to see if you husband has lost interest you.


He responds late: - When he is on a business trip or with friends you tend to miss him and then you drop him a text thinking that he will reply you with a sweet text when he gets free but unlike your expectation, he doesn’t bother to reply even after 2 days.

Physical and Emotional distance: - It has been ages since you have spent quality time with him. When you ask him to go for a movie or for an outing he just ignores. You might even have noticed him creating physical and emotional distance from you.

Rejection and Rude Behavior: - It is not necessary that he agree to whatever you say but even if he wants to disagree with you there are many polite ways to do it. You two can have a constructive discussion but if he is rejecting your ideas and neglecting them in a rude manner then this is a sure shot sign that something is wrong.

No efforts: - For any relationship to work, efforts are important but the efforts should be made from both the sides. If he is not comforting you after a fight or when you are feeling low then he is not making any efforts to be with you.

Comparison with ex: - Your partner has chosen you over other people because he loves you but when compares you with his ex or any other girls then this is a trait that he is frustrated with you and may be falling out of love.


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