Waxing is such an essential part of monthly beauty plans that you just can’t miss it. Waxing provides clear and tanned free look to body. Here are some do’s and don’ts which every woman should know before waxing-

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At Home Waxing – You can consider at home waxing as you can control the cleanliness and space where you are waxing. Obviously, you are required to be comfortable using the product to get the desired result. Before you start waxing, sanitize the tools of waxing and then start so as to prevent bacterial growth.

Avoid Exfoliating – You should always avoid exfoliating or drying products before starting wax. Different people have different skin tone and products containing retinol or exfoliating ingredients can make skin even more sensitive than normal

Discuss with friends about the salon hygiene and service quality before fixing an appointment with them for waxing.

Don’t fix an appointment for waxing around or on the day of period. During period days body becomes very sensitive to pain so avoid waxing.

Immediately after do not go to zym as it may increase chances of spreading bacteria to your skin. Even you should not wear tight clothes or yoga pants if you just had a bikini wax as the friction cn cause irritation.

So follow these tips for pain-free waxing!

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