Night Time Skin Care Habits To Prevent Pre-Mature Ageing

Having young, pimple free and radiant skin is on every's girl wishlist.But we have to accept the fact that as we grow older our skin also ages.We can't stop the ageing process but we can take few preventive measure to prevent our skin from premature ageing.Some of the habits which you can incorporate into your night time routine to keep your skin young and beautiful are as follow :-

Remove Your Makeup: - This is the most basic and important skin care habit. Remove every trace of  makeup with a makeup remover, oil or makeup removing wipes. This will help in preventing clogged pores and keeping the skin acne free.

Use Toner: - A Toner helps in maintaining the skin Ph Balance and removes germs and bacteria that can cause acne from the skin.

Under Eye Cream: - The skin around the eye area is prone to dryness. Your eye area will be the first to show you the signs of ageing.Therefore applying an eye cream every night to keep the eye area soft and hydrated is important.

Tie Your Hairs: - You should always tie your hair before sleeping. This will help to keep your hair tangle-free and will prevent acne as well.

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