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7 years ago

The day we ladies figure out on how to make manicures last as long as pedicures will be the cause of joy, but until that day comes, we will get to know few tricks and tips on how to make nail polish last longer.

The very first thing to do before you go for the base coat of your favorite nail polish is go over your nails some nail polish remover to remove any dirt and extra oil you may have on your nails.

Use a basecoat. Apply two coats of basecoat to the tips of your nails.

Do not shake your nail polish before applying, rather roll it between your hands to eradicate and prevent air bubbles.

Make a point to dry your nails with cool air.

While doing the household chorus, always wear gloves in order to keep manicure intact.

Always file your nails in one 
direction as alternate directions weaken the nails and make them prone to breaking and peeling.

Always apply thinner strokes of nail polish to retain the sheen of nail polish for the
longer time.

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