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Most Dangerous Roads in India

Since ancient time road are considered to be the safest source of transportation. A Place might not have airport connectivity but it will definitely have roads. But there are some roads in India which are brought chills down your spine. They are threatening and unpredictable. These roads are high risk and are death paths. Read on to find out the most dangerous road in India.
Kinnaur Road: - Kinnaur is located in Himachal Pradesh between Tibet and southwest part of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in remote an area that is why it makes it accessible for rest of the country it is made with hard rock’s cut. At some places, the road is made with narrow and deadly grounds especially at the start of the Kinnaur road. The road is extremely curvy as it approaches Kinnaur.

Kinnaur Road

Leh-Manali Highway: - The Leh-Manali road connects Leh in Jammu and Kashmir to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. It is as long as 479 km. Things like a glacier, water crossings, and broken ground make it the most dangerous highway. The road is filled with snow and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains makes it vulnerable to landslides.

Leh-Manali Highway

Zoji La Pass: - Zoji La Pass is located at an altitude of 3538 meters above sea level. It is the riskiest mountain pass in India. This pass is between Srinagar-Leh highways. The roads are extremely narrow and in the rainy season get muddy, making it impossible to cross during or after storms. The heavy snowfall and frequent landslides make it one of the most difficult passes.

Zoji La Pass

Rohtang Pass: - Rohtang pass is the most famous pass in Himachal. It is located on the eastern pier panjal range of Himalaya. This pass is located a few km from Manali and can be reached through Leh- Manali highway. The literal meaning of Rohtang is: “ground of corpse” it suggests how dangerous the road is.

Rohtang Pass

Tirupathi: - It is located in Andhra Pradesh and one of the most famous temples in India. The temple is dedicated to lord Venkateshwara. As it is situated on hills of eastern Ghats the road to Tirupati are hazardous and prone to accident.


Munnar Road: - Munnar is a hill station in Kerala at an elevation of 1700 above sea level. The road approaching Munnar is sharp, steep and narrow. At some places the road is blind. At night thick fog starts that can make it difficult to see anything.

Munnar Road


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