Makeup tricks to help you shine at party

For party lover women it is very important that they look well-dressed and well styled in party. There are different makeup types for different parties. But if you are getting ready for evening parties and want to make yourself look shine in party then just follow below given tips –

EYES – For eye makeup apply light grey eye-shadow on eye lid concentrating on outer eye. Line the base with same colour and then contour the crease with darker matte colour, starting at the outer corner and fading in. for sultry look pat antique black shimmer on eye lids. Use white gold colour on eyebrow bones and apply hints of it on inner corners to instantly brighten up the eyes. Use winged liner in jet black hue colour to define the upper lash line and follow it by double coats of mascara to make your eyes look wide open.

FACE – Use tinted moisturiser for makeup base and keep overall palette limited to gold, copper and tan for dewy looks. Take liquid gold highlighter on your fingers and apply on your face moving your fingers in the outward direction from the upper cheek bones tracing the bone lining the eye socket. Now run high lighter on nasal ridge to make your nose look sharp.

LIPS – To make your lips look dramatically beautiful, just add some metallic eye shimmer shadow palette on lips. First apply glossy lip colour then take some shimmer matching your lip gloss and pat it on lower lip which will make your lip ready for perfect lip pout.

HAIR – Mostly women prefer to go for open hair. You can have long curl if you have long hair or leave straight hair down. If you wish to look different then try messy braid look as it is in trend nowadays. 

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