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Laser eye surgery safety and risks

Information about the safety and risks of your recommended treatment will be given to you at your free consultation and discussed with you, giving you opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

 Laser eye surgery safety and risks
Laser eye surgery is amongst the simplest of surgical treatments available  anywhere.

Safety for you: Laser eye surgery is also one of the safest of all vision correction treatments. And, at Ultralase, we work harder to ensure that your outcome, your safety and your care are our top priorities.
Ask any laser eye surgeon and they will tell you that all surgical procedures carry a risk of a complication occurring, and laser eye surgery is no different. What area of life is totally risk-free?
In fact, there is evidence to suggest that you stand a higher risk of suffering an infection from your contact lens solution than from laser eye surgery with Ultralase.
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) sets out some very strict guidelines for laser eye surgery providers. Ultralase is consistent with the procedural guidelines, and exceeds the efficacy provisions in respect of accuracy of procedure and quality of vision.

Laser eye surgery risks:As with any other medical procedure, laser vision correction carries some risk of complications. However, it is very rare for these to be serious, and it is reassuring to know that there has never been a case of permanent blindness reported with the all-laser LASIK techniques used at Ultralase.Our patients have told us that the areas of risk they would like to know most about are:
2.Persistent dry eye
3.Persistent night vision problems
4.The need for a retreatment
5.LASIK flap complications
We have outlined these five areas but at consultation

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