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Indian women Saree

Ombre Saree: - Ombre was a huge hit previous year, after ombre hair colors, dupattas and ombre lehenga now ombre sarees are in trend too. While choosing ombre saree, make sure to pick the color wisely. Here is a tip choose a different shade of the same color group.

Shoulder embellished saree: - Women love to wear embellished saree but they can be heavy at times. So now you can wear saree with just embellishment on the shoulder. These embellished are made usually for tassels, rhinestones, and embroidery at the shoulder. These sarees are either a single shade or dual shade.

Color Pleated Saree: - The previous year pallu with different colors was in trend but the current trend is different color pleats. In this type of saree, the whole saree is in a different color and the pleats are in different color. For parties, you can try the sequined color pleated saree and for normal wear choose chiffon based plain color pleated saree.

Saree with long trail: - Wedding gowns with trails are common but saree with trail are unique. The trail doesn’t necessarily need to be long. So try this out to add a flavor of royal look to your saree.

Saree with long trail

Pre- draped saree: - Some of the women are afraid to wear saree because doing pleats is a bit tough. So here comes a solution for you, try pre-draped saree. They will not only save you time but will also look trendy.

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