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Chiffon is a lightweight transparent fabric originated in French. It is very smooth and slippery that is why used for making blouses, sarees, and scarves. Since Chiffon is a very delicate fabric, it is important to take care of it to extend the life of the fabric. Here we bring some of the tips to take care of chiffon saree. You can book tailor services at home to get stitched any Indian traditional wear.

# If you hand washing your saree take a tub full of mild water and pour some mild detergent into it. You can also fold the garment to wash it with ease. Now you have to dip the saree in clean water for 30 minutes and for a final rinse use running tap water. To soak extra water from the saree, do it with a help of towel.

# When you are machine washing chiffon saree,  wash them separately with a mild detergent.

# Avoid direct sunlight and dry it in shady place also don’t hang the fabric.

# To Iron chiffon saree try dry ironing. You can also try steam iron if there are a lot of wrinkles.

# Don’t hang the chiffon saree for too long in your wardrobe. Instead and fold it properly and keep it in wardrobe.

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