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Different Types of Cotton Fabric and their Qualities

Different Types of Cotton Fabric and their Qualities

There are different types of cotton such as Flannel, Denim, Muslin, Chenille, Poplin, Khadi and these all types of cotton fabric contains different qualities. Let's see how to choose Right Coloured Clothes, so that it should give you a great look as well as help to enhance your overall personality!

General Features of Cotton: Cotton fabric have following features -

A. Fabric has a soft feel and after wear, you feel comfortable.

B. Fabric can be washed easily in your washing machines.

C. The main important feature of fabric is good for absorbing capacity.

D. Fabric can be dry cleaned simply.

E. It's easy to cut and sew for making different types of designer clothes.

F. The variety of cotton or types of fabric to suit all occasion.
G. Its light weighted clothes to wear.

Here are given various types of cotton -

1. Flannel                                         7. Khadi
2. Denim                                          8. Egyptian Cotton
3. Muslin                                          9. Jersey
4. Gingham Cotton                          10. Chenille
5. Corduroy                                      11. Organdy
6. Terry Cloth                                   12. Poplin


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