How to Curl Hair with Rags?

How to Curl Hair with Rags?

It's a superb idea to make your hair curly using Rags instead of heat or electricity and still you got beautiful curls. Using heat on hair makes hair rough and hard.  

Here is following steps to make Curl Hair with Rags...

1. Wash your hair with the shampoo and apply conditioner, leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it. Wet hair is good for making curls.
2. Take strips of soft cloth ranging 1-5 inches wide and 8-18 inches long, depending on the type of desired curls.
3. Separate you hairs into two parts when you are going to make curls.
4. Hold the end of hair after that fold the strips center of the hair.
5. After folding hair strip, add some conditioner over the hairs for wrapping.
6. Repeat this process for all hairs.
7. Leave hair for dry and when hair gets completely dry then open the rags.


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