How To Layer Skin Care Product

1) Layer From Thin To Thick: - We should apply skin care in terms of consistency.Keep in mind to apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency.For example, you should first apply face serum then moisturizer.

2) Don't end your skin care with sunscreen: - Beauty gurus suggest to apply sunscreen after moisturizer.But the truth is that sunscreen should only be applied last if your sunscreen contains zinc or titanium dioxide.If your sunscreen doesn't contain these two ingredients then you are using a chemical sunscreen.In that case, you should apply sunscreen prior to moisturizer.

3) No Products over Moisturizer: - If your eye cream is rich and heavy then you should apply it after applying moisturizer but if your eye cream is lightweight you should apply it before moisturizer.Also never apply your moisturizer around the eye area.

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