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Fashion tricks to save money and time

Fashion tricks to save money and time

Knowing fashion tricks saves a lot of time and money and most importantly it saves you from all the exhaustion and tension which you might have to undergo when you really have no time and money. It is not always possible that you should have time and energy to fix everything. Here are some ways which can help you at the time of your need as well as save your money –

Hair Straightner – Keep hair straightner handy to iron your collars. It hardly takes any time to make your dress ready to wear.

Unexpected rain – You are ready for any important meeting and suddenly you find yourself looking at unseasoned rain shower. Now, no need to take out your gum-boots for unseasonal rain, just make your canvass shoes waterproof inside out with beewax and you are ready to go out in rain.

Lemons – Use lemons for removing sweat stains.

Razor for quick fix – If your favourite jeans is pilled then just take razor and run it over your jeans. Now see the magic, your jeans is ready for wear.

Baby Powder – Do you see oil stains in your clothes but no time to wash. Here comes baby powder for your rescue. Use baby powder to remove oil stains from clothes.

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