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11 months ago
Hair care tips for 2020 to help you maintain your crowning glory

On any of your bad hair days, you must have encountered many friendly hair care tips on how to take care of your hair. When it comes to hair care, many people think they know it all. But beware of such unsolicited help. Most of the time, there is no science behind the tips that they give you to take care of your hair. But you don’t have to lose heart if you are grappling with hair problems. Nor do you have to visit expensive salons for a treatment. Please know that is perfectly normal for you to lose a few strands of your hair every day. But if you experience excessive hair fall it is cause for worry.

We reveal some scientifically proven ways of taking care of stubborn hair problems. Try these hair care tips and you will be surprised at the results.

Follow a healthy diet

This is very important. Your hair needs nourishment too and for this you need to eat right. Have a lot of iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds and beans. You can also have chickpea, soybeans and cereals. Don’t ignore proteins. This is important for proper hair health.

Avoid direct heat on hair

It is very tempting, especially in winters to use the hair drier after washing your hair. It saves you time and you don’t even feel cold. Besides, you may also be tempted to use the straightener or curler if you are attending any party. But frequent use of these beauty appliances is not good. this is bad for your hair. It heats your hair and may damage your follicles too. It can lead to dry scalp and fizzy hair. So it is better to use these tools sparingly.

Oil your hair regularly

Your hair needs nourishment too. Oil your hair regularly to keep it in good health. It will moisturise your scalp and keep the shine of your hair. Do this at least once a week. You may also heat the oil slightly. This will help in better absorption of the oil by your scalp. You will be amazed by the difference you see in just a couple of weeks.

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