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Things No One Tells You About Using Hair Mask

Hair mask once  a week: - Even if you find your hairs healthy, changing seasons can be quite harsh on the hairs. That is why it is required to wash your hair once in a week so that it can get the goodness of all the essential ingredients.

Every mask is not that great: - There are a wide variety of hair masks available in the market but not all of them are actually worth using. Some of them are made for using only once a week and others are too good to be used for every day. Therefore be very cautious while choosing a hair mask.

Apply it in dry hairs:-Instead of applying hair mask to wet hairs apply it on dry hairs and leave it for 30 minutes. In this way, it will absorb all the good ingredients. Afterwards, take a shower.

Sleep in Your Hair Mask: - If you have dry hairs, then sleeping in a hair mask. This overnight treatment will help to soak up all the moisture from the hair mask and you will get healthy and shiny hairs the next morning.

Shampoo and Condition after hair mask: - It is mandatory to use a shampoo followed by a conditioner after hair mask to remove any product build up left in hairs.
Comb the Mask: - After putting the hair mask on the hairs just comb the mask through the hairs so that the hair mask is applied to all the hairs and no spot is left.

Focus on the hair ends: - hairs ends are very weak so they need extra care. Make sure to apply a little more hair mask on the ends.

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