Hair Coloring Tips

Gone are those days, when we were afraid to go for hair coloring. In present times with the help coloring your hairs has become a trend but how many of you know that hair color can have a negative impact on your hair texture id not done properly. So here we bring some tips to get the best hair coloring experience without hampering the hair quality.

1) Lighter
colors mean more damage: -  The lighter the hair color you choose more chemicals will be used to make your hair light. You may end up getting split ends and hair breakage. Therefore choose your color wisely.

2) Use Colour Protecting Products - Colouring protecting shampoos help in preventing the loss of
color and makes hair glossier. Therefore don't use regular shampoo as it can damage your colored hairs.

3) Avoid Styling Tools: - Any styling tools can make your
colored hairs dry. Coloured Hairs can be brittle and burns very fast therefore always use a heat protectant spray on your hairs before using styling tools.

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