Fashion Trends Of 2017

With the beginning of New Year, the fashion guru of the world forecasted the fashion trends of this year. All the four fashion capital London, Paris, Milan and New York showcased the upcoming fashion trends. Some of the most popular trends showcased on the runway were as follow. If you wish to get any of these trends to incorporate in your wardrobe you can book tailor services at home.

Geometric: - Stripes and floral are the most preferred prints and everyone love to wear them, but this year geometric prints are going to be in trend. All kinds of geometric prints like a diamond, triangle, circle, rounds, and zigzag were seen at Milan Fashion Week. Midi Dresses, Hot Pants and-and silky pajama were mostly seen on the Milan fashion week runway.


Yellow: - Yellow color is a bright colour, so not many people prefer to wear it. But this year it was the most popular color among the four fashion territories. All shades of yellow from mellow yellow to mustard, marigold, saffron and sunflower were seen on the runway.


Magenta: -Magenta was a huge hit in Milan fashion week. This blush-pink trend is perfect to brighten up your mood in spring. Other pink toned colors which were quite huge at runway were deep fuchsia and hot pink.


Sleeves with Puffs: - The puffed sleeves which usually comes in jackets, shirts and off-shoulders were showcased by a huge number of big fashion designers. These puffs on the sleeves bring attention to the torso.

Sleeves with Puffs

Military Fashion: -This year Military fashion made a huge comeback. Designers took inspiration from military clothing across all fashion capitals. In military fashion colors like khaki and green were used. Models wore khaki dresses and military jackets with denim.

Military Fashion

Voluminous Ruffles: - Layers of chiffon and tulle fabric over dresses was most common sight this year. The idea behind layering sheer fabrics is to make a voluminous dress. Almost all the fashion designers used ruffles in their collection.

Voluminous Ruffles

The Sporty Look: - In Milan Fashion Sporty look was a huge hit. Fashion designers presented slim-cut fencing jackets along with sneakers and cropped pants. With the 80 fashion comeback, there are huge chances of fashion designers showcasing retro-inspired sportswear next season.

The Sporty Look

Crop Top: - Crop top is in trend this year too. This 80’s and 90’s fashion made a huge comeback last year and it is here to stay. This season cropped heavily distressed denim tops appeared with skirts.

Crop Top

The 80’s Fashion: - Fashion trend like square shoulders, sequin dresses and pouf sleeves, crop top and many other things are the fashion of the 80's.In the Milan fashion week, designers presented most of the fashion trends of 80’s with more shades of pink and purple.

The 80’s Fashion

Off Shoulder Dresses: - Just like a crop top, off shoulders are in trend this year too. Off shoulder was seen on the runways extensively with asymmetric skirts, long sleeves, puffed sleeves and short skirt.

Off Shoulder Dresses

Slogans: - Slogans are the prints of this year. Slogans with simple message appeared on the runways. Some of the slogans worn by the models on the runway were love, silence and we should all be feminist.


Mixed Prints: - Be it floral, stripes and geometric prints all of these prints have always been in trend. Girls wear them all the time be it street style wardrobe and party wear. This season you can mix and match prints for e.g. pair stripes with floral while polka dots with geometric shapes. The idea is to choose same or complimenting colors.

Mixed Prints

Biker Jacket: - Biker jacket is a staple in everyone's wardrobe. It’s classy and never goes out of fashion. Pair it with skinny jeans and you are good to go. It is that timeless piece which you can wear as a statement item.

Biker Jacket

Cross Body Bag: - The cross body bag is best bags for everyday use. The best thing about these bags are, they are easily accessible and provides enough storage options for essentials. You can choose a small clutch with a long strap, sporty look, voluminious ruffles, military fashion.

Cross Body Bag


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