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Essential Oil For Every Skin Condition

Acne: - For acne skin, tea tree oil is the ultimate savior.Tea tree is found in Australia which is a popular skincare ingredient that provides antibacterial and antiseptic properties.It is also famous by the name of melaleuca oil. As per researchers, its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are helpful in reducing inflammation.Also, recent studies show that the effect of 5% tea tree oil and 5% benzoyl peroxide are same in treating acne.

Irritated Skin: - If you have irritated skin, you know how difficult it is deal with it.In such cases, eucalyptus oil can really help you.The main signs of irritated skin are redness and itchiness.This oil is derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.Not only it has anti-bacterial properties but it is also helpful in relieving pain.It perfectly soothes inflammation and rashes to keep skin cool and calm.

Aging Skin: - If you have sagging and wrinkled skin rosehip oil might help you.This oil hails from Chile and is made by the method of cold pressed.It is full of vitamins and fatty acids which help in skin cell regeneration and repair process.

Oily Skin: - Dripping oil and large pores are signs of oily skin.You can use witch hazel to get rid of oily on the skin.This actually works like an astringent for oily skin which not only maintains the pore size but also gets rid of oily sheen and balancing the sebum level without stripping the natural oil from the skin.

Dull Skin: - Lemongrass is well suited for dull skin as tt quickly brightens up the skin and gives a glowing complexion.It easily detoxifies skin and regenerates skin cells.
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