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7 years ago
Canker Sores : Home Remedies for Mouth Sores | Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Canker sores also medically known as “Aphthous Stomatitis”, are actually mysterious ulcers in the mouth which can attack any of you at any point of time. Now they are said to be mysterious because no one knows what causes canker sores. They are extremely painful spots or lesions in the mouth which make it really difficult to eat anything. They may happen due to rubbing of braces, biting your cheeks, stress, or just genetics. Here are a few useful home remedies for mouth sores.
1. Baking Soda: Baking soda is alkaline and helps in neutralising the acids which irritate the sores. It is also helpful in killing the bacteria and healing the mouth sores quickly.
2. Aloe Vera Gel: Also called the first aid plant, aloe vera gel may help in speeding the process canker sore treatment. Just dry the area where you have canker sores with the help of cotton ball and slice an aloe vera leaf. 
3. Do It Yourself Numbing Spray​: Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil have got anti-inflammatory properties and also work as anti-microbial agents and thus help in reducing the chances of infection.
4. Topical Products: The prescription and over the counter products like creams, pastes, liquids or gels might help you in relieving pain and speeding the process of healing. They are one of the most effective home remedies for mouth sores 
5. Vitamin E: Just cut one Vitamin E capsule and then squeeze it over the sores. The oil in the capsule would coat the ulcer and help in protecting it from infections. It helps in curing the sores quickly.

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