Colours For Dusky Beauties

Every skin tone is beautiful and you should not follow any specific set of rules while choosing colours according to our skin tone.You should try out all the colours but believe it or not there are few specific colours for every skin tone which can be a game changer for your overall look.So here we bring some colours which dusky woman should definitely try.

Green: - Instead of darker shades of green choose sea green and emerald green.This shade will accentuate your skin tone.

Soft Yellow: - The soft shade of yellow is the best shade for dusky tone.This graceful colour makes you look like an ornament.

Orange: -
Yes, the orange candy colour actually suits you.Try wearing this bright colour during winter in jackets or you can try a scarF of this colour just to add a little colour to your overall outfit.

Blue: - The cobalt blue shade looks gorgeous on dusky women.Cobalt blue colour complements well with every other colour.Therefore don't be afraid to experiment with this colour in your outfit.


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