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6 years ago
Changes To Make In The Kitchen To Shed Extra Weight

Do you know that certain small habits have a huge impact on our weight loss? We don’t even realize how our small habits are taking a toll on efforts in the gym. Here are few of simple kitchen habits you need to make to shed an extra pound.

More Fruits and Veggies: - Buy more of fruits and vegetables with loads of vitamin C like kiwi, strawberry, and melon. Cu them in small pieces and out them in air tight box. So you can easily grab them whenever you want to.

Salad: - It is always a good idea to have a salad before every meal so that you can know how much you really want to eat .Salads are also full of nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial for health. You can even make a salad for the whole day and keep it the fridge and have it before every meal.

Organize The Kitchen Counter: - Add measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen counter. This will help to add right quantity of food and avoid overeating and it will also be easy for you to grab them without forgetting. Also, remove any junk from the top counters where your eyes can easily reach.

Rearrange your refrigerators: - Rearrange your refrigerators and keep the fruits and veggies at an eye level in opaque bins and junk food hidden.

Get Small Plates: - It is a general tendency to fill up the plate while serving that is why we should use a small plate which will lessen the overheating, therefore, fewer calories.

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