Sonika Ramola
6 years ago
Can can:Everything You Need To Know About That Fluffy Thing

What Is it
Essentially its a stiff mesh that goes underneath the lehenga to keep it from flattening, thus giving that much needed flare to the lehenga.
Most lehengas come with a can can fitted into the lehenga already. Some brides ask for double the can can. Here are some things to keep in mind though:
If you are a curvy bride, trim down on the can-can and keep it A-line. If you are a petite bride however you can go full out flare with the can -can
The more can-can you add, the heavier your lehenga becomes so keep that in mind.The can can also depends on the type of fabric your lehenga is. If your lehenga is heavy, say velvet.
Different Types Out There:
1.Folding Your Lehenga:
However , in some cases that is not possible and you can fold your lehenga without breaking the can-can. Just make sure  you do one fold of the lehenga and fold comes just above the can-can area and not in the can-can itself.
2.Fluffing it:You know that moment right before you enter your wedding? What’s the one thing you should be doing apart from clicking a selfie with your bridesmaids???? You should be fluffing up your can can. 

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