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Have you heard of mountain nail art or furry nail art? If you say no, then 
apologies saying that you are far behind from crazy and hot nail art trends taking place on social media nowadays. Yes! You heard it right. New crazy and hot nail art getting viral include furry nail art, bubble nail art, succulent nail art, 3D nail art and mountain nail art.

Furry Nail Art – This nail art is creating a
frenzy on social media with its ultra-mod look. This trend started with the imagination of famous style director Jan Arnold when his models walked the ramp flaunting faux fur nails in Fall/Winter Show 2016. For this, you just need to apply any nail paint of your choice on nails and stick faux fur and you are ready for ramp walk!

3D Nail Art – This nail involves applying different artistic designs over nail paint. This nail art is very popular currently.

Bubble Nail Art – Bubble nail art is new talk of the
town. This look on nails is created by applying thick acrylics using acrylic balls at the nail center and then layers of nail paint are added to it.

Succulent Nails –
Conceptualized by Australian Artist Roz Borg, this latest viral nail trend succulent nails is garnering the attention of people due to its unique looks and amazing design. This nail art is done using baby succulents plant which is pasted on false nails with nail glue and then these false nails are applied on real nails.

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