Rashi Yadav
7 years ago
Best Herbs and Spices for Cold and Flu — Plus a Secret Weapon

The common cold and a strain of influenza A are doing some serious tail kicking this winter from what I’m seeing on the internet and social media.  Because of the ability of the flu virus to quickly mutate.
Herbal Treatment for Cold and FluYou are probably aware (hopefully) that most colds and flus are not caused by bacteria, they are caused by viruses.  Therefor, standard antibiotics are useless as a remedy for colds and flus.  There are now anti-viral medications, but in a recent study, they only reduced flu symptom length from 7 days to 6.5 days, and may have some side effects
Best Cold and Flu Tea Recipe

1.2 teaspoons sage
2.juice of one lemon (or one teaspoon lemon balm herb)
3.Pinch cayenne pepper
4.1 tablespoon (15 ml) honey

To prepare the tea, pour one cup boiling water over sage and allow to steep for 10 minutes.  Strain out herbs, ad remaining ingredients, and drink hot.

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