Benefits Of Using Primer

Sealing Pores: - Makeup primer help in sealing your pores therefore when you use a liquid foundation your pores will look smaller.

Skin: - When you apply a makeup primer, it makes your skin soft. It makes your skin texture smooth and flawless after the application of makeup.

Doesn't Clog Pores: - Primers are usually non-comedogenic therefore neither do they irritate your skin nor they clog your pores.

Long Lasting
Makeup: - One of the main reasons for applying primer is to make makeup lasts longer.Since primer makes a layer so it stops sweating and greasiness on the face and your makeup are intact for a longer time.

Reduces Redness and
Puffiness: - Primer doesn't cause skin redness and irritation, in fact, it conceals any redness present on the skin.

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