Benefits Of Baking Soda For Skin

Cleanser: - Baking soda is the best cleanser for sensitive skin.Baking soda, when mixed with water, has a perfect Ph which suits our skin.Add few drops water in baking soda to get a paste like consistency. Now warm this paste by rubbing in your palms and apply it on your face. After this splash water on your face with cold water.

Acne Treatment: Be scary- Acne be scary.Baking Soda can come handy if you are looking for at home acne treatment.Mix a little bit of baking soda with honey and apply it on your acne scars.

Exfoliator: - Baking Soda is gentle exfoliator for all skin types.Girl with sensitive skin is afraid to use a scrub as it can lead to skin inflammation.Baking soda is especially a beneficial scrub for sensitive skin.


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