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7 years ago
Bangs Styling Hacks

Bangs looks great but they need maintenance and care. On some day they look perfect but if you don't take care of them properly, then they can look horrible. So to make your bang styling routine easier here are some tips.

Prep: - Before styling your bangs, it is advised to have a hair wash along with a conditioner. The shampoo will cleanse out all the dirt and oil from the scalp and the conditioners will lock in the moisture.

Always Blow Dry: - Right after you come out of the shower, blows dry your bangs from right to left. Your hair should be wet while blow drying. Bangs can easily get air dry and will dry up in uneven direction. Therefore it is important to blow dry your hairs immediately after hair wash.

Flat Iron: - If you have frizzy bangs, try flat iron to tame them. This will help to smoothen out the bangs. Starting taming your bangs with a flat iron from left to right or the other way round.

Twist Them: - In case you don’t have time to blow dry just twist your bangs. Instead of making them fall straight, twist them, for this, you can split your bangs at your natural part, now twist them in opposite direction after this just push the twist to either side. Now don’t touch it until its get dry.

Right Styling Product: - When you don’t have bangs you have the option to not use styling products but if you have bang you need to use a styling product to make the bangs look good all the time. Choose the right styling product for example for fine hairs, styling cream is suitable and for thick hairs, styling products with a gel like consistency is suitable.

Check Your Forehead: - Moisturizer should never be skipped but don’t use heavy moisturizer. Otherwise, the moisturizer will transfer from your forehead to bangs and your hairs will look greasy. Make sure your products are fully absorbed before placing bangs on the forehead.

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