Top Dressing Hacks To Know

Petite Woman: - A Petite woman should avoid bold accessories and patterns. Instead, they should choose outfits which don't completely cover their small body.You should choose their outfit to make them look slim and long.for Instance, you can wear petite pants, also midi skirts and you also wear one colour for top and bottoms .

Curvy Woman: - Flaunt those curves by weairng belt style dresses.You can wear belted jackets, trench coats, peplum top, peplum dresses and crop tops.

Comfort over Trend: - While Shopping always prefer comfort over what is trending. If you are not comfortable in a piece of clothing it will only make you look worried.

Know your Fabric: - There are some specific fabric which accentute a specific body type. for example curvy woman should prefer more of light wieght fabric instead of heavy fabric.


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