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7 years ago
Apply This Potato Juice To treat Premature Grey Hairs

Getting Gray hairs is the initial sign that you are aging, but what if you get gray hairs at a young age? Well, that is surely not acceptable. Premature gray hairs can be caused by many reasons like hereditary, stress, vitamins and nutrients deficiency, anemia, pollution etc. There are many chemical hair dyes available which can give you the color of your choice in no time but they can damage the hairs and hair follicle. Therefore it is best to stick to natural remedies to treat gray hairs. So here we bring one of the natural ways to cover gray hairs.


•    Potato Skin – 1 cup
•    Water - 2 cup
•    Filter - 1

potato juice


•    Take 5 to 6 big potatoes and peel them.
•    Store the potato peeled off skin or rind in a pan. Then cook the potato skin in 2 cups of water till they get perfectly boiled.

•    Once the mixture cools down, transfer it to a bowl. Filter the water and take out the potato rinds. Transfer this water into a closed container. To add some fragrance to it adds few drops of any essential oils.

•    Wash and condition the hairs once you hairs get dry.

•    Massage the water from potato rinds in hairs.

•    Dry your hairs and comb them.

•    You can do this treatment 2-3 times a week for few months.

•    Never refrigerate the leftover mixture.

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