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7 years ago
9 Effective Ways to Increase Stamina for Running

9 Effective Ways to Increase Stamina for Running

Daily running habit proves very beneficial for our physical fitness and it can do amazing effects on health. Regular running increases body stamina and is the 
best exercise for health.

If we want to increase our stamina then we have to include some effective ways to increase stamina for running, some described here...

1. HIIT                                             2. Plyometrics
3. Strength Training                        4. Keep Running
5. Diet                                             6. Music
7. Stretching                                   8. Interval Training
9. Rest

HIIT: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's helps in improving aerobic Capacity and it consist of upper body and lower body moves.

Plyometrics: Second most important part of running training is plyometrics. It cincludes Frog Jumping, squart jumping, Jumping lunges and burpees and it helps in burning calories.

Strength Training: strength Training plays very important part in increasing running stamina. Strength training boosts leg muscle power which helps in long running with increased endurance for pain.

Don’t Quit: whenever you feel like tired then take rest but don’t quit running. Actually we should keep running until we get tired and slowly it will increase stamina for long hours running capacity. We should keep running and moving continuously even if slowly.

Diet: taking care of diet is very important in order to stay healthy and embibe right effect of running in your body. body stamina is directly related to diet plan so include healthy eating habits full
of protein, calcium and iron foods.


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